In order to make more profits from biomass to charcoal, most charcoal manufacturers choose to further process biochar into briquettes. The customer from UAE (United Arab Emirates) also planned to turn finish charcoal powder into pieces. For this, a suitable charcoal piece making machine is necessary. But which charcoal briquette press machine is the best one? For get answers, the client emailed us for a charcoal piece making machine on 5th October 2023. The following are the specific details of this case:

Charcoal piece making

  • Country: UAE
  • Capacity: 20 t/h
  • Material:  biochar powder
  • Solution: Charcoal ball press machine

The following are the specific details of this case:

Which machine is suitable for making charcoal piece from charcoal powder 20 tons per hour?

According to the email, the customer from UAE had finished the pyrolysis of biomass and prepare charcoal. Then he wanted to further process charcoal powder into pieces. And the capacity is 20 t/h. For this, we recommend the charcoal ball pellet equipment. There are 3 reasons:

Large capacity range

This charcoal piece maker paid more attention to the capacity of the briquette machine. Here, charcoal ball pellet equipment can help you turn 3-45 tons of charcoal powder into pellets per hour. Therefore, it can fully meet your requirements of small scale charcoal making and large scale biochar manufacturing. Of course including the 20 t/h charcoal piece making project.

Easy to use

This charcoal piece making machine mainly makes use of the extrusion force between two rollers to turn powder materials into pellets. It is a simple process. So, only need 1-5 min, you can get finished charcoal pellets after feeding charcoal powder material into the charcoal piece making machine.

Various shapes of charcoal pieces making

In addition, with different molds using, you can choose to make charcoal pellets with shape and size you need. Such as flat ball shape, flat square shape, round ball, oval, etc. And preparing charcoal pellets with a diameter of 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, etc.

What other equipment is needed for quality charcoal piece making?

Batching feeder for charcoal making

Material batching equipment

Batching usually is at the beginning of the carbonization system. It is used to control the speed of whole charcoal to pellets process. Moreover, when you add auxiliary materials to make high quality charcoal, it is the key to feeding materials in required proportion.

Charcoal Crusher For Sale

Charcoal crusher

As the picture from the UAE customer showed, the materials vary in size. This will affect the final effect of charcoal piece making. So it needs a charcoal crushing machine to grind it into fine powder before charcoal pellets manufacturing. Here, both charcoal wheel grinder and Raymond mill are excellent choices for you. Then you can transport charcoal powder to start charcoal piece making.

Charcoal Bagging Machine For Sale

Commercial charcoal bagging equipment

After charcoal piece making, the final step is bagging. Here, we can offer you automatic charcoal bagging equipment. It contains belt conveyor, sorting system, bagging system and sealing system. They can help you pack various charcoal pellets into bags in a short time.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about making charcoal piece from biochar powder in UAE. In addition, we can also provide you with many other charcoal making machines. Such as biomass carbonization furnace, powder charcoal making line, etc.

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