Charcoal Bagging Machine

  • Production Capacity – 40-230 bags/min
  • Packaging Type – Bags, Film, Pouch
  • Voltage – 220/380v
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – Packing Charcoal, Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, etc.


If you want to setup a commercial charcoal making system, charcoal bagging machine is necessary. It can packaging produced charcoal into bags with the volume you require quickly. Then you can store, transport and sell it to your customers. Here, we can offer you charcoal packaging equipment for both powder charcoal making and biochar briquette preparation.

What difference between charcoal powder and briquette bagging machines?

Where to buy quality charcoal packing machine?

If you want to buy a quality charcoal bagging machine, we are an ideal choice for you. As a reliable biochar equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with quality biochar packager at a favourable price. In addition, there is a considerate after-sales service. We can offer you installation guidance, operation manual, 1 year warranty, etc. In addition, all sets of charcoal making machines you can buy from us. Including drying machine, carbonization furnace, crusher, briquette making equipment, etc. We will try our best to help you stat charcoal making business quickly.

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