For biochar production, cost is an item most charcoal manufacturers pay attention to. On 25th October 2023, a customer from India inquired about how to make charcoal from straw, rice hull, wood chips, etc. What biochar equipment is needed? How much does a biochar pyrolysis plant cost? As a professional biochar equipment manufacturer, we offer a customized design for his charcoal production business and quality carbonization machines at a favourable price.

Biomass to biochar manufacturing

Biochar pyrolysis Plant

  • Country: India
  • Material input: 20 t/d
  • Material: traw, rice hull, wood chips, etc

  • Design: Continuoius carbonizer, double shaft shredder, dryer, biochar packing machine, etc

The following are the specific details of this case:

How to make charcoal from straw, rice hull, wood chips, etc?

The Indian customer emailed us “we need a system for biochar pyrolysis plant to make charcoal from straw, rice hull, wood chips, etc. About 20 tons of waste input a day. Please give us suitable charcoal equipment recommendation and biochar pyrolysis plant cost estimate.” According to the requirements from the Indian client, we design the charcoal pyrolysis system, which contains equipment as follows:

Double shaft crusher

Double shaft crusher

Our double shaft crusher can crush straw, rice hull, wood into smaller particles. When the material granularity is lower than 20 mm, it will fully contact heat and start pyrolysis to produce biochar more quickly.

SXHG-0808 Rotary dryer

SXHG-0808 Rotary dryer

In order to reduce energy consumption and spend up the pyrolysis of biomass, it requires the moisture content of raw material is lower than 15%. For this, we recommend you buy a charcoal dryer for your biochar pyrolysis plant setup.

YS- 1410 carbonization kiln

YS- 1410 carbonization kiln

What’ more, for 20 t/d biomass waste to charcoal project, YS-1410 continuous charcoal kiln is an ideal choice. It can dispose of 1 ton of biomass waste per hour and has a charcoal output of 400-500 kg. This can fully meet the Indian customer’s small scale charcoal manufacturing requirements.

Automatic charcoal packager

Automatic charcoal packager

Finally, for easier to transport, store and sell, you also need to package finished biochar. So you need to add an automatic charcoal bagging machine at the end of your carbonization system.

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How many charcoal can produce from 20 tons of biomass waste ?

How much does the biochar pyrolysis plant cost?

This Indian biochar manufacturer paid much attention to the biochar pyrolysis equipment cost. Generally, the total price of the commercial charcoal making line is not fixed. It is closely related to capacity, equipment price, labor force, charcoal plant area, etc. But, here, we can provide you with quality charcoal machines at a factory price and design biochar making plan according to your budget. This Indian customer’s biochar pyrolysis plant cost is about $30,000-100,000 (reference price). The precise quote depends on the decision of the final charcoal making plan, you can contact us for details.

Charcoal making cost

Is there a biochar pyrolysis plant you setup in India?

Of course. But we cannot tell you information about our customers. If you want to know more about our charcoal pyrolysis line, we can offer you pictures and videos. In addition, you can also come to China to visit our biochar equipment factory. It is located in Xingyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about the biochar pyrolysis plant cost estimate in India. If you want to get solutions and precise quote for your charcoal making project, welcome to contact us immediately. Whether you want to make charcoal from biomass, sludge or other waste, produce powdery charcoal or make briquette charcoal, we can also offer you the best solutions according to your actual condition and requirements.

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