Coconut is one of the top 3 traditional agricultural products in Sri Lanka. And there are many coconut plantations along its coast. In addition to coconut milk and coconut meat, coconut shell is also an ideal material to make economic products. For example, like our past Sri Lanka customer, who planned to turn it into biochar. On 5th October 2023, the client from Sri Lanka inquired about coconut shell charcoal production at a low cost. The following are the specific details of this case:

coconut shell carbonization line

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Material:  Tea cuttings to charcoal

  • Design: Continuoius carbonizer, crusher, dust collectors, etc

The following are the specific details of this case:

Can coconut shell be used to make charcoal?

Of course. It contains rich nitrogen elements. And processed charcoal has less smoke and smells better. Because the customer from Sri Lanka planned to collect fresh coconut shell, which has a moisture content of 30%, to make charcoal. You need to process coconut shell in the following two steps:

Coconut shell drying

Because of high water content, fresh coconut shell is not suitable to start carbonization directly. In order to make biochar from coconut shell faster and with low energy consumption, it is advisable to reduce the water content to below 15%. So you need a suitable dryer to dry coconut materials quickly.

Double shaft shredder for coconut shell charcoal production

Crushing coconut shell

In addition, if you want to make better coconut shell biochar, we recommend you crush material before drying. Because when the particle size of coconut shell is lower than 20 mm, you can dry and carbonize it faster. Here, double shaft shredder can help you grind coconut shell easier.

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How to turn coconut shell into charcoal?

TThe key equipment for coconut shell charcoal production is carbonization furnace. The Sri Lanka client emailed us that there are 100 tons of coconut shell that need to dispose of. And he planned to make charcoal equipment run 2 shifts a day and 8 hours a shift. So the system can turn 100 tons of coconut waste into biochar within 1 month. Therefore, we recommended the  continuous rotary kiln, which has an output of 200-300 kg per hour. That is, it can treat 500kg-1 tons of coconut shell into charcoal per hour.


In general, after feeding coconut shell powder into charcoal kiln, the temperature inside the equipment will increase quickly. Under the action of high temperature and low oxygen environment, coconut shell will occur pyrolysis reaction and form into biochar. Then processing it with water cooling discharging system, you can get quality coconut shell biochar.

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What is the carbonization temperature of coconut shell?

What is the cost of the coconut shell charcoal production line?

Then the customer from Sri Lanka paid attention to the cost of coconut shell charcoal production line. Because of advanced technology employment and quality Q245 R steel and S310 stainless steel use, it usually needs $30,000-$100,000 (reference price). It will fluctuate with detailed requirements of equipment configuration, etc. But as a reliable charcoal equipment manufacturer, we can offer you an economical quote for the coconut shell carbonization system.

If you want to use coconut shell as material to start activated carbon making, BBQ charcoal production, etc, we can also offer you suitable equipment. In addition, if you need solution for tea cuttings charcoal making, rice hull to biochar, wood charcoal production, etc, you also can contact us at any time.

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