Kenya is a country that pays great attention to environmental production and resource utilization. In addition, the planting of tea, cocoa, corn, etc plays an important role in agriculture in Kenya. So most businesses invest in starting biomass charcoal making project in Kenya. For this, professional carbonization equipment is necessary. So on 18th October 2023, a customer from Kenya inquired about biomass charcoal making machine details.

Biomass charcoal making

  • Country: Kenya

  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Material:  Tea cuttings, cocoa, corn, etc

  • Design: Continuoius carbonizer, crusher, dust collectors, etc

The following are the specific details of this case:

Can I use tea cuttings, cocoa shells and corn straw as materials to make charcoal?

The customer from Kenya emailed us that he can collect tea cuttings, cocoa shells and corn straw materials for charcoal making project. But the client is not sure if these raw materials are suitable for carbonization. Does it need any other raw materials? The answer is yes. They are typical biomass waste, which is an ideal material to prepare commercial charcoal. Besides, bamboo, rice hull, wood waste, etc also are excellent materials for carbonization.

But whether what biomass waste you use to manufacture charcoal, it is advisable to adjust material water content to below 15% and particle size to below 20 mm. This is greatly beneficial for finishing the pyrolysis of biomass faster. Here, we can provide you with suitable charcoal drying machine and crushing equipment.

Which equipment is suitable for 200 kg/h biomass charcoal making?

What’s more, the Kenyan client needs a suitable carbonization furnace with an output of 200 kg/h. For this, we recommend the continuous charcoal kiln. On the one hand, it has a suitable capacity, about 200 kg/h. That is, the machine can turn 500kg of biomass waste into charcoal in an hour. On the other hand, it is designed with continuous carbonization system, PLC control system, 310S stainless steel heat-resistance area, etc. So it can help you finish the production of biochar in a short time.

How about the energy consumption of biomass charcoal making machine?

Then, the customer from Kenya asked us about the energy consumption of the biomass charcoal making machine. It is not high. Because there is a professional gas waste treatment system. This dust collection system can separate dust and impurities from combustible gas, which is generated in the pyrolysis of biomass. Then you can use purified combustible gas as fuel to generate enough heat for subsequent carbonization. Therefore, in the whole process of biomass charcoal making, you only need to pay for electricity of charcoal equipment working and fuel of rotary charcoal kiln preheating.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about biomass charcoal making machine in Kenya. In addition, if you want to further process biochar, we also can offer you powdery charcoal making line and charcoal briquette making system, etc. Welcome to contact us at any time to get your own charcoal making business plan.

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