As an environmental biomass waste disposal method, there are more and more people that invest in carbonization business. But how to make charcoal from biomass waste? The customer from Malawi also wanted to know the answer. On 10th October 2023, the client inquired about wood charcoal manufacturing in Malawi. The following are the specific details of this case:

Biomass charcoal making

  • Country: Kenya

  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Material:  Tea cuttings to charcoal

  • Design: Continuoius carbonizer, crusher, dust collectors, etc

The following are the specific details of this case:

Is there a continuous charcoal kiln for wood carbonization?

In order to turn wood into charcoal quickly, the customer from Malawi wanted to buy a continuous charcoal kiln. For this, our rotary carbonization kiln can fully meet his requirements. It adopts advanced designs, which can carbonize wood chips and discharge finished biochar simultaneously. Namely, it doesn’t need to take extra time for wood charcoal discharging. Moreover, because of the rotary drum design, it can heat wood materials more effectively. So only needs 15-30 min, it can complete the production of wood charcoal.

Can we finish wood charcoal manufacturing without smoke?

Of course. We design a professional dust collection system for your wood carbonization process. It can purify the combustible gas generated by wood charcoal making. Then you can use it as a heat source for subsequent carbonization. In addition, purified gas waste, can meet the international standard, so it can be discharged to air without pollution. So there is no smoke in our wood charcoal manufacturing line and it only needs low energy consumption.

Can the sustainable charcoal kiln process 10 tons of wood waste a day?

Then the Malawi wood charcoal maker focused on the capacity. In his farm, there are 10 tons of wood waste needs to dispose of. Generally, our continuous charcoal making line can complete the pyrolysis of  300-5000 kg of biomass waste per hour. So it can fully meet your requirements of both small scale charcoal making and large scale biochar production. In general, 10 tons of wood waste to charcoal only needs a continuous charcoal kiln, which has an output of 200-400 kg/h.

How many charcoal can the wood charcoal manufacturing line make from 1 ton of wood materials?

For wood charcoal manufacturing, the carbonization rate is also an item most biomass charcoal manufacturer pay attention to. It can reach to over 95%. In additon, our rotary kiln adopts PLC control system, which can monitor and adjust the temperature inside the drum in real time. So with our continuous wood charcoal production equipment, you can make quality charcoal from wood and the biochar output can reach 30%. That is, it can help you make 270-310 kg of charcoal product from 1 ton of wood materials.

Is the charcoal machine movable within the forest?

Then our customer told us the wood material source is little far from his charcoal making plant. So the transport of wood is not easy. Is there an excellent solution? Here, you can use a mobile disc root crusher. As the name suggests, you can drive it to your forest and crush wood into powder or chips easily. Then you can transport wood materials to your charcoal preparation workshop to start carbonization smoothly.

Then you can pack wood charcoal to sell directly. If you want to make more profits, BM also can offer you with powder charcoal making line, charcoal briquette press machine, etc.

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