In South Africa, tea planting plays an important role in economic parts. But how to dispose of cuttings from tea plantation? For this, a customer from South Africa chooses to turn it into charcoal briquettes. But how to make charcoal briquettes? On 12th October 2023, the South African client inquired about the solution for making tea cuttings into charcoal pellets. After considering the actual conditions and requirements from the customer, we design a 10 tons/day biomass charcoal briquettes production line as follows:

Whole process of commercial charcoal briquette making
  • Country: South Africa

  • Capacity: 10 tons/day
  • Material:  Tea cuttings to charcoal

  • Requirement:  Charcoal briquette making

  • Design: Continuoius carbonizer, crusher, dust collectors, briquette machine, etc

The following are the specific details of this case:

Step 1: Preatment process of tea cuttings charcoal making

For tea cuttings charcoal making, we recommend you buy our continuous carbonization line. For this, it is necessary to crush tea cuttings into smaller particles, below 20 mm. Here, our wood crusher can help you grind tea cuttings quickly. Then, because the South African customer’s material is wet, you also need a charcoal drying machine, which can reduce the moisture content to lower than 15% in a short time.

Waste wood crusher for sale
Charcoal Dryer

Step 2: How to make charcoal from tea cutting biomass?

Next, the most important step to make commercial charcoal – carbonization. Here, a suitable carbonization furnace is necessary. According to the requirements of the charcoal manufacturer from South Africa, YS-1612 continuous rotary charcoal kiln is an ideal choice. There are 3 reasons.

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Step 3: Step for how to make charcoal briquettes

According the requirements of the South African customer, it also needs equipment for charcoal briquettes making as follows:

Feeding finished tea charcoal into feeder. The machine can help you control the speed of commercial charcoal pellets production. If you want to add solid auxiliary materials for better briquette making, it is an ideal choice for material proportion controlling.

The client from South Africa told us he planned to use hemp hurd or starch as binders to facilitate the production of charcoal briquettes. In order to make the binders work fully, you need to blend them with tea cutting charcoal powder evenly. Here, double shaft mixer can finish the mixing quickly.

Then using charcoal briquettes press machine to turn charcoal mixture into briquette or pellets according to your needs. Here, we can offer you with rod briquettes making machine, charcoal ball making equipment, shisha charcoal briquette making machine, etc for your choice.

Finally, charcoal packaging machine can help you pack charcoal briquettes in bags to sell. For this, whether you want to pack cubic briquettes, tablet charcoal pellets or other, our charcoal bagging equipment can fully meet your requirements.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to make charcoal briquettes in South Africa. In addition, we can also provide you with many other charcoal making business plans. Such as powder charcoal making line or wood to charcoal, coconut shell to shisha charcoal, etc.

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