Charcoal briquettes making are widely used for a variety of purposes, from grilling food to providing heat for shisha smoking. Their convenience and efficiency are paramount for a satisfactory experience. The combustibility is a key factor in making quality charcoal briquettes, and this is where combustion promoters or improvers come into play.


Advantages and disadvantages of using combustion enhancer for biochar briquette production


Combustion promoters are substances that make charcoal briquettes highly flammable, enabling them to ignite quickly and with ease. This is particularly advantageous for shisha enthusiasts who desire a rapid start to their smoking session. With just a lighter and roughly 10 seconds, a briquette can bring to life, thanks to these chemical enhancers.


When it comes to shisha charcoal production, the presence of a combustion promoter in the coal can be both a blessing and a curse. While the ability to light the coal swiftly with a simple lighter is highly valued, the downside is the reduced burn time. A typical 33mm shisha briquette enhanced with a promoter might last only about 20 minutes.

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What kind of combustion boosters can used to make highly flammable charcoal briquettes?

The substance typically used to boost combustion in charcoal briquettes is from the nitrate series, with ammonium nitrate being a common choice. Nitrates serve as oxidizing agents that provide a burst of oxygen to the combustion reaction. This oxygen supply is crucial as it feeds the fire, allowing it to take hold of the briquette quickly and maintain a steady burn. The resulting convenience of such a quick-light feature is popular with users who prefer not to deal with the traditional, often time-consuming methods of lighting charcoal.

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What is the proportion of combustion promoters and biochar materials

The concentration of the combustion promoter within the briquette is critical. Typically, nitrates are added at a ratio of 5-10% of the total composition of the briquette. This proportion is sufficient to significantly improve the ignition properties without compromising the structural integrity or safety of the product. It is a delicate balance to strike, as too much promoter can lead to excessively fast burning and potential safety hazards, while too little may not achieve the desired ease of ignition.

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In conclusion, the use of combustion promoters like ammonium nitrate can significantly enhance the flammability and convenience of charcoal briquettes, particularly for shisha use. While this technology allows for rapid ignition, it also comes with the consideration of shorter burn times. Both consumers and producers must weigh these factors to ensure the best possible experience and product satisfaction. Here, we can offer you best solutions and biochar machines according to your requirements.

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