Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

  • Output – 1-5 tons/day
  • carbonization time – 4-8 hours
  • Voltage – 220v/380v, customized
  • Material – Q245 R steel or carbon steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – wood, log, rice hull, straw, coconut shell,palm kernel shell, bamboo, e-waste, etc.


Hoisting carbonization furnace, is also known as vertical biochar making equipment, is popular with small scale charcoal manufacturing businesses. Because it has features of high carbonization rate, no smoke, high efficacy, economical price, etc. In addition, using it, you can turn various biomass into charcoal quickly. Here, BM can provide you with quality hoisting charcoal furnace.

What is the design of hoisting carbonization furnace?

What materials can vertical carbonization equipment process?

In terms of materials types, the hoisting charcoal making machine can prepare biochar from various materials. Especially when using bamboo, logs, coconut shell, etc as materials to make charcoal. Because of large granularity, you can place them into inner stove and start your biochar making process directly. However, when you manufacture biochar from small particle size materials, including sawdust, rice hull, straw, etc. You must turn them into bars with suitable briquette press equipment.

Tip: Whether which method you adopt, the moisture of your material before processing with vertical carbonization furnace must be lower than 15%.

Besides, hoisting carbonization furnace, we also have continuous rotary kiln and horizontal biochar furnace for your choice. You can choose the most suitable one for your biomass to biochar project according to your actual conditions.

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