Charcoal Wheel Grinder

  • Capacity – 300-2000 kg/h
  • Power – 5.5-45 kw
  • Rotating Speed – 30-40 r/min
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – charcoal, pebbles, granite, limestone, calcite, quartz stone, etc.


Charcoal wheel grinder is a machine that combines crushing and mixing functions. In the process of commercial charcoal making, besides crushing finished biochar into fine powder, it also can preliminarily mix your materials evenly. So pan mill (wheel grinder) is key to producing charcoal briquettes, especially when you add auxiliary materials. It is widely used in BBQ charcoal making, shisha charcoal production, etc.

Working principle of charcoal wheel grinder

Our charcoal wheel grinder mainly consists of grinding wheels, driving shaft, motors and other components. When the motor starts, the driving shaft starts to rotate. Then the double grinding wheels that connect with the driving shaft will also rotate. With the moving of double grinding wheels, they will press and break charcoal chips into smaller particles. There is a screen mesh at the discharge port. So after crushing, qualified charcoal powder will through screen mesh and discharge port to enter the next process.

3 Features of charcoal wheel grinder

When need to use charcoal pan mill in the charcoal making process?

Generally, it is suitable for both powdery biochar making and charcoal briquette production. In the whole process of the commercial charcoal manufacturing, it is between industrial carbonization furnace and charcoal pellets making equipment.

The design of a complete charcoal briquette production line: screw conveyor/belt conveyor→charcoal drying equipmentcarbonization kiln→charcoal wheel grinder→briquette making equipment→packaging machine.

Besides the charcoal wheel grinder, we also can provide you with many other crushing machines for charcoal making. Such as Raymond mill, mobile disc crusher, double shaft shredder, etc.

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