Charcoal Dryer

  • Capacity – 1-20 t/h
  • Working method – Air Flow Drying
  • Color – Customized Color
  • Power – 11-44 kw
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – Sludge, Waste, Fertilizer, Biomass, Charcoal, Food, etc.


In a charcoal making line, besides carbonization furnace, charcoal dryer is the most common equipment. Because whether you use a continuous rotary kiln or batch type biochar making machine, you must reduce the moisture of material to below 15%. Especially when you make biochar from coconut shell, bamboo, palm kernel shell, etc. Here, our rotary drum charcoal dryer can help you dry biomass material quickly.

How does charcoal dryer work to dry biomass?

It mainly makes use of steam injection to create a high temperature environment to dry charcoal materials. After entering into the drum, material will move with the rotation of the cylinder body. So it can fully contact hot air and eliminate moisture quickly. How to generate hot air for charcoal drying? In the charcoal making process, there is a large combustible gas generated. After processing with dust collectors, you can use it for drying machine working.

3 Features of the charcoal dryer

In addition, we can also offer you many other machines for charcoal making. Such as charcoal crusher, dust collector, briquette press equipment, packaging machine, etc. We will try our best to help you start your charcoal making business smoothly and quickly.

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