If you want to finish the pyrolysis of biomass and charcoal making fast and successfully, dry distillation method is the best choice. It mainly relies on the high temperature and low oxygen environment to carbonize biomass. Then what is the best carbonization temperature?

3 Periods of carbonization temperature raising

In general, only the temperature is between 300℃ and 600℃, the materials inside carbonization furnace can decompose into biochar, combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar. And the whole process can be divided into 3 periods.

Materials drying period – about 150℃

When you start to carbonizing biomass, with the temperature inside the carbonization furnace rising, it will further dry waste material first. Under the action of continuous heat supply, the temperature will reach 150℃ quickly. At that time, the moisture in biomass will evaporate, but there is no change in the appearance of the raw material.

Carbonization temperature 150℃ - moisture evaporation period

Waste pyrolysis period – 150-300℃

Then when the carbonization temperature rises to 150-300℃, it will start initial pyrolysis of biomass. This means the chemical composition of the raw materials begins to change. In this period, charcoal making materials begin to decompose and release gaseous products. Such as CQ, C02, H2S, etc. However, different elements in raw materials begin to pyrolyze at different temperatures. So fully carbonization of biomass needs a higher temperature.

Charcoal making period – 300-600℃

The most suitable temperature for the carbonization of biomass is 300-600℃. Because of enough heat supply, there are polycondensation and thermal decomposition reactions occur. So biomass waste will convert to charcoal and generate a large amount of combustible gas. In addition, other byproducts of charcoal making are also generated in this process. Such as wood vinegar, tar, methanol, ethylene, etc.

Carbonization making products

Why choose our equipment for your charcoal production project?

In sum up, the process of biomass to charcoal requires a temperature of 300-450℃. Correspondingly, the temperature inside the furnace body needs to reach 500-600℃. Here, our industrial carbonization equipment can fully meet your requirements. Because it has advantages as follows:

Our equipment for commercial charcoal making mainly use Q245 R steel or 310S stainless steel machine materials. They have features of high strength and excellent heat-resistance. So our biochar machine can withstand the high temperature of even 700℃. Then you can finish the pyrolysis of biomass smoothly.

For biochar making, most businesses focus on the carbonization time. Here, our best charcoal making machine can help you complete the whole process of biomass to biochar within 30 min.

Finally, it also can offer you an automatic charcoal making system. Only need 2-3 workers, you can complete the whole charcoal manufacturing process.

As a professional biochar equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with all sets of charcoal making machines. Such as drying machine, carbonization kiln, charcoal briquettes press machine, etc. If you have any requirements for charcoal manufacturing, you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to offer you the best solutions.

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