If you want to make charcoal from rice hull with carbonization equipment freely, it is necessary to learn its design. In general, our rice hull carbonizer design contains 3 parts: raw material convey system, rice hull carbonization kiln and dust collection system. Then the detailed structure of the equipment is as follows:

What is the rice hull carbonizer material convey system design?

At the beginning of rice hull charcoal making, you need to feed raw materials into carbonizer. So before rice hull carbonization kiln, there is a conveyor. Here, we can offer two types of rice hull waste conveying machines. Belt conveyor and screw type conveyor. The former is an ideal choice for those who want to convey more rice hull to start carbonization at one time. While the latter is suitable for charcoal manufacturers who have high requirements for dust prevention.

What is the detailed structure of rice hull carbonization kiln body?

In general, the main body of rice hull carbonizer is designed with 2 layers. Carbonization furnace hull and inner stove.

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What is the temperature of biochar after discharging?

Why does rice hull carbonizer need a dust collection system?

Moreover, dust collection system is an essential part of rice hull carbonizer design. It is designed to recycle waste gas from rice hull charcoal making and convert it into useful things and reduce pollution. For one thing, it can remove dust and impurities from carbonization gas waste and turn it into quality combustible gas, which can supply heat to rice hull carbonizer. For another, it can also treat combustible gas into harmless gas which meets the international gas discharging standard and does not pollute the air.

What is the design of the rice hull carbonizer gas treatment system? Is only a dust collector enough? Of course not. Here, we can provide you with air fan for waste gas moving, cyclone dust collector for large granularity dust removing, water spray tower for small dust filter, condenser for gas cooling and so on. You can combine these machines for your charcoal making project according to your needs.

Charcoal making dust collectors

Besides rice hull to charcoal, this carbonizer can also make biochar from wood, coconut shell, straw, bamboo, etc. In addition, it also can help you dispose of e-waste, domestic waste and industrial waste, etc. If you are interested in these waste management machines, welcome to contact us at any time.

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