E Waste Solutions

  • Output – 100-3800 kg/h
  • Power – 25-150 kw
  • Voltage – 220v/380v, customized
  • Material – Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – wood, rice hull, straw, coconut shell,palm kernel shell, bamboo, sludge, e-waste, etc.


With the increasing of e waste in today’s world, environmental e waste solutions are necessary. For this our e waste carbonization line is an ideal choice. For one thing, for e waste which contains rice graphite or nitrogen elements, it can make charcoal for you quickly. For another, for e waste recycling and metal refining, it can remove plastic packaging, paint, etc fast and environmentally. Then you send it to further refine mental. So welcome to contact us about quality charcoal making system for your e waste solutions.

How does e waste carbonizer work to dispose of e waste?

After crushing e waste into suitable particle size – below 20 mm, you can feed it into carbonization furnace directly. Then biomass gasifier will heat the enclosed rotary kiln and create a high temperature environment. In the oxygen absence and high temperature conditions, e waste has a pyrolysis reaction. So the graphite element in e waste will become biochar powder and plastic packaging, paint will decompose. Then after water cooling, you can get e waste processing products you need.

How long does e waste carbonization take?

In general, it only needs about 30 min. If you want to increase fixed carbon content and reduce volatilization of your charcoal products, it is advisable to run the e-waste carbonization equipment for 1 hour.

Can the charcoal making furnace withstand the high temperature of 800 ℃?

Generally, the carbonization of e waste needs a higher temperature than biomass to charcoal, about 800 ℃. Can the equipment withstand it? Of course. It mainly uses Q245 R steel as materials to manufacture the body. In addition, in the main fire areas, we especially use 310S stainless steel. Therefore, even the temperature reaches 800 ℃, our carbonizer for e waste solutions also can service you for a long time.

Why can e waste solutions dispose of e waste environmentally?

Because there is a professional waste gas disposal system for your e waste charcoal making plan. Including gas waste dust collectors and cooling machines. They can purify and cool e waste disposal waste gas. Then combustible gas can use as fuel for subsequent e waste carbonization.

Besides charcoal making system for e waste solutions, we also can offer you coconut shell charcoal making system, wood to biochar business plan, bamboo charcoal production line, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us immediately

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