Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine

  • Output – 100-3800 kg/h
  • Power – 25-150 kw
  • Voltage – 220v/380v, customized
  • Material – Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – wood, rice hull, straw, coconut shell,palm kernel shell, bamboo, sludge, e-waste, etc.


Palm kernel shell charcoal machine is key to turning palm kernel shell into charcoal. In the past, we always discard palm shell after distilling oil from the palm kernel. But with palm kernel shell carbonization line, you can convert palm kernel shell waste into commercial biochar products easily. If you want to dispose of palm kernel shell and make biochar commercially, welcome to contact us immediately.

More details

What do we need to prepare for palm kernel shell charcoal plant setup?

In general, to start your palm kernel shell charcoal production smoothly, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Palm shell charcoal plant location

The palm shell charcoal plant needs to be away from residential area to avoid affecting other people daily living. Moreover, it is beneficial for treated carbonization gas waste discharging and air air circulation. Then it must have excellent transportation conditions. In this way, you can transport palm shell materials and palm kernel shell charcoal products easier. The how much area does a palm kernel shell pyrolysis plant need? About 200-1000㎡, it depends on the capacity and equipment you require.

palm shell charcoal making area

Suitable palm kernel shell charcoal machine choosing

We can provide you with machines for the whole set of palm kernel shell charcoal making line. Including crusher, dryer, charcoal making furnace, dust collector, biochar briquettes making equipment, packaging machine, etc. You can create a suitable biomass pyrolysis system from the palm kernel shell charcoal machine according to your needs. Such as charcoal powder making line, shisha charcoal production plan of palm kernel shell, etc.

Your budget for palm kernel shell to biochar

The cost of palm kernel shell charcoal making is closely related to the capacity, equipment configuration, factory area, etc. But as a considerate biochar equipment supplier, we can provide you with quality palm kernel shell charcoal equipment at a more economical price. Because we can not only offer you machines at a factory price, but also reduce the cost of your charcoal making from palm shell by reasonable design.

Whether you want to make palm shell into biochar powder or pellets, our palm kernel shell charcoal machines can fully meet your requirements. Besides, we also can offer you coconut shell charcoal making system, wood to biochar business plan, carbonized rice hull production line, etc. Come to get your own biomass charcoal making plan.

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