For charcoal making business starting, cost is an item we must focus on. As a reliable biochar equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with quality carbonization machines at a favourable price. In addition, because of long service life and high automation, it also can reduce your biochar production cost of labor force, maintain and replacement.

3 Factors affect biochar production line cost

The cost of a carbonization line is usually not fixed. Because it will fluctuate with capacity, equipment configuration, machine manufacturer choosing, etc


The larger the capacity, the higher the biochar production cost. Adversely, the smaller the capacity, the lower the price. In general, our biochar making line (single rotary kiln) can dispose of 300 – 5000 kg of waste into charcoal per hour.

Small Scale Biochar Production Equipment
Charcoal Production Line

Carbonization equipment configuration

This contains the biochar making equipment types and number. If you have enough budget for biochar manufacturing, our continuous carbonization system is your best choice. In addition, you can also add charcoal powdery making machines, even biochar molding system according to your needs.  But for those who want to start biochar production at a low cost, you can buy our basic carbonization line. Which only contains carbonization kiln and dust collection system.

Reliable biochar machine manufacturer

As mentioned above, as a professional biochar equipment manufacturer, we help you finish the charcoal making at an economical price. For one thing, we can provide you with quality charcoal making machines at a factory price. For another, we can design biochar making business plan according to your budget. What’s more. Our equipment use Q245 R steel and 310S stainless steel as material, which has high strength. So, in the long term, it can reduce you cost of biochar production cost of equipment maintain and replacement.

What is the cost of the continuous biochar production line?

Quote for charcoal making equipment

Continuous charcoal making line is the most advanced technology for biochar production. It uses Q245 steel and S310 stainless steel as equipment materials for carbonization. So the furnace can withstand the high temperature of 380-800 ℃. Therefore, it can help you finish the carbonization of biomass within 30 min. In general, the basic continuous charcoal making system consists of dryer, carbonization furnace and waste gas treatment system. And its biochar production cost is only $30,000-$200,000.

Is there a more economical charcoal making system?

Of course. There are hoisting carbonization line and horizontal charcoal making equipment system for your choice. They both can help you carbonize raw materials at a lower cost. This kind of batch type biochar manufacturing system only needs $10,000-$100,000. However, it is usually more suitable for small scale and mini charcoal manufacturing projects. They can help you process 300-5,000 tons of waste into biochar per day.

Besides the above introduction, the final quote for charcoal making system is also related to many other factors. Such as equipment design changing, gold sale festival, market fluctuation, etc. If you need a more precise quote for your biochar production project equipment, welcome to contact us immediately.

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