Biomass Burner For Sale

  • Type – Gas Burner
  • Power fuel – Wooden particles
  • Power – 2.5-12 KW
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Weight – 1000-4800kg


In charcoal making line, biomass burner is used to supply heat to carbonization making in initial period. In general, by charcoal dust collector system, we can recycling carbonization waste gas and convert to usable fuel for subsequent biomass to biochar process. But at the beginning, you need a biomass gasifier to generate enough heat. Our biomass burner has characteristics of low investment, environmentally friendly, automatic temperature control, etc. So it is an ideal choice for you to use as a preheat source for commercial charcoal manufacturing project.

How does biomass burner work to generate heat for your biochar making project?

Generally, a biomass gasifier consists of feeding hopper, burning furnace, flame outlet, observing window, PLC control system, ash cleaning door, etc. After feeding biomass pellets by material hopper, there is an electronic ignition that will ignite biomass. This will generate a large amount of heat and create a high temperature environment in burning furnace. Under the action of high temperature, biomass will decompose into combustible gases. Such as hydrogen, methane, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc. Then after the secondary oxygen supply, it will form into fire and discharge from flame outlet.

In this process, you can observe burning degree by observing window. Moreover, biomass ash from burning will be discharged from ash cleaning door.

Why so many people choose biomass gasifier?

Besides biomass burner, we can also provide you with many other equipment for quality charcoal manufacturing, such as biomass pellet machine, drying equipment, carbonization furnace, charcoal briquette press machine, etc. Welcome to contact us immediately for your own charcoal making business plan.

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