PCB Board Recycling Machine

  • Output – 100-4000 kg/h
  • Separation Rate – 99%
  • Final Product – Copper, Resin and fiber powder
  • Material – carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – e-waste recycling, metal material disposal, battery waste management, etc.


PCB board recycling machine, as the name suggests, is used to process old circuit boards and recycle fiber, resin and copper materials. It is one of the top e-waste solutions, which is greatly beneficial for e-waste pollution reduction and resource regeneration. In general, a complete circuit board disposal line consists of dismantling, crushing, separating and dust collection systems. Here, BM engineering equipment manufacturer will offer you suitable waste PCB recycling machines, solutions and economical price.

What is the process of PCB board recycling and reuse?

If you want to start industrial circuit board recycling, you usually need to use 4 e-waste disposal systems.

Before processing PCB, it is advisable to dismantle electronic components. For one thing, it is convenient for electronic components recycling directly. For another, it can prevent iron elements in components from decreasing the final copper purity.

Then shredding and crushing circuit boards into fine powder. In this way, copper metal material will disperse from fiber and resin. So you can separate them and collect copper metal in an easier way.

Finally, separating copper metal powder from fiber and resin. Then you can get pure copper metal and use it to other industries or sell it directly. Here, you can finish the PCB board powder sieving according to the conductivity and weight of different materials.

But there also is an item you need to remember – dust collection. In order to prevent dust harming the environment and workers, it is advisable to equip an e-waste processing dust collection system to your PCB board recycling machine. Whether it is electronic components dismantling, circuit board crushing or separating.

How to remove electronic components from circuit board quickly?

As mentioned above, the first step of PCB board recycling is removing electronic components. But if you want to finish the dismantle of components fast and environmentally, you may need the following 2 types of PCB board recycling machines.

Circuit board disassembly machine

Our circuit board dismantling equipment mainly makes use of high temperature (150℃) to loosen the tin on the circuit board. Then under the action of inside cylindrical screen rotation and friction between boards and wall, the electronic components will fall off. What is the source of high temperature generation? Both electric heating and liquefied gas heating are suitable, you can choose according to your needs.

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What is the heat source of the PCB electronic components dismantling machine?

Dust collection system for e-waste disposal

In this process, because of heating tin, there is some dust and harmful odor generated. Here, it needs a professional gas waste and dust treatment system, which contains:

  • Smoke dust cover: Located on the dismantling machine, it is used to collect smoke and odor.

  • Water spray tower: Use water spraying to purify the collected smoke and dust particles.

  • Activated carbon adsorption box: Activated carbon can further adsorb and remove odor of PCB disposal gas waste and dust .

  • Plasma purifier: This machine can help you complete the colorless process of gas waste, so as to meet the environmental protection requirements.

  • Induced draft fan: collects and discharges the filtered gas.

Which PCB crushing machine is suitable for you?

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Can the circuit board grinder crush other metals?

Why we need separating equipment in PCB recycling machine system?

Separating plays an important role in PCB board recycling machine system. It is the key to getting pure copper metal from circuit board waste. Here, powdery PCB board materials need to though 3 stages powder sieving.

Stage 1: Sieve out copper and resin from PCB board fiber

After crushing, it is time to separate different materials from PCB board powder. In this process, processing with vibrating screen is the first step, both circular or linear are ideal choice. This PCB board recycling machine has functions of both grinding and screening. On the one hand, it will grind PCB in to smaller particles powder. On the other hand, it can divide materials into copper + resin and fiber + dust. The former will be sent to the next e-waste sieving procedure and the latter will be gathered by pulse dust collectors.

Stage 2: Separate copper from resin initially

Next, you need to process copper and resin mixture with gravity separator. It is beneficial for screening out the unseparated resin and copper to return to the circuit board grinder for further crushing. Moreover, it will sorting copper material from resin. This equipment is widely used in the separation of metals and non-metals. And its separation rate can reach 99%.

Stage 3: Further screen out smaller copper particles

Finally, in order to achieve the separation of smaller copper particles, you can add an electrostatic separator to the PCB board recycling machine system. It will make use of high voltage of 100,000 volts to form a high-voltage magnetic field. Because of the conduction of metal, it can absorb small copper particles from resin material.

How much does a PCB recycling line cost?

The cost of PCB board recycling machine is an item circuit board refinery must pay attention to. However, it is usually not fixed and changes with capacity and equipment configuration. You can buy equipment for disposing of circuit boards from 100kg/h or 4000 kg/h freely. In addition, you can choose to purchase PCB board dismantle system or crushing line simply or a complete circuit boards recycling line according to your needs. As a reliable engineering equipment manufacturer, we will provide you with quality circuit board disposal machines at an economical price.

Besides, we also can offer you battery waste disposal line, solar panel processing system and other metal recycling and refining plan. Moreover, for biomass waste management, there also are various carbonization plans for your choice. Welcome to contact us to start your own business plan.

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