Rotary Sludge Dryer

  • Capacity – 1-20 t/h
  • Working method – Air Flow Drying
  • Material – Carbon steel, Q235
  • Color – Customized Color
  • Power – 11-44 kw
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – Sludge, Waste, Fertilizer, Biomass, Charcoal, Food, etc.


In today’s world, the output of urban sludge is increasing day by day. But with the improvement of national environmental awareness, the disposal and utilization of sludge have attracted increasing attention. And the urban and industrial sludge treatment industry has developed rapidly. Here, rotary sludge dryer is common used equipment. It can dry sludge quickly and use sludge as materials for charcoal making, fertilizer production, etc.

How does rotary sludge dryer work to dry materials?

The sludge enters the dryer through the spiral guide plate. As the carbon steel cylinder rotates, the sludge material will roll and is lifted to the center of the cylinder by lifting plate. Then materials will gradually fall down to form a material curtain. At that time high-temperature airflow passes through to dry the sludge. Then the moisture in sludge will evaporate. Finally the water content of your sludge materials can reduce to 10% or less.

Can sludge drying machine dry 90% water content materials?

Here, we recommend add a dewatering machine (solid-liquid separator) before rotary sludge dryer, when you plant to dry sludge with a over 60% moisture. For one thing, the more wet material will take a longer time to dry. Then it needs higher energy consumption. For another, dry sludge with a 90% water content is easier to cause material sticking and block the equipment.

Can this drying equipment make biochar in a large scale?

Of course. Our dryer for large scale charcoal making has a capacity which can reach 20 t/h. It is an excellent choice for your commercial biochar manufacturing project. In addition, we can also provide you with small sludge dryer with an output of 1 t/h. What’s more, it not only can dry sludge but also dry wood chips, straw, coconut shell, etc for your biochar production.

If you have any other requirements for rotary sludge drying equipment or charcoal production, you can contact us immediately. BM can offer you all sets of biochar making machines, including carbonization furnace, charcoal briquette press machine, dust and gas treatment system, etc.

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