Automatic Carbonization Equipment

  • Output – 100-3800 kg/h
  • Power – 25-150 kw
  • Voltage – 220v/380v, customized
  • Material – Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – wood, rice hull, straw, coconut shell,palm kernel shell, bamboo, sludge, e-waste, etc.


For commercial charcoal making project, machine automation is essential. Especially when you plan to set up a large scale biochar production plant. Because the higher the automation, the higher the carbonization efficacy. That is you can turn biomass into charcoal more quickly. If you focus on this aspect, our automatic carbonization equipment is the best choice for you.

What is the common design of the automation carbonization equipment?

Generally, the basic automatic charcoal manufacturing system consists of 3 parts. Drying machine, continuous carbonization furnace dust removing system and cooling system. Drying machine can reduce the material moisture to below 15%, which is necessary for carbonization. Then making use of dry distillation method, continuous charcoal machine will finish biochar making within 30 min. Finally, with dust collectors and cooling system, you can get quality charcoal product and combustible gas as heat source for subsequent carbonization. The whole biochar production process can run without worker operations.

How many controllers does an automatic biochar making system need?

Our automation carbonization equipment adopts PLC control system. This means from material drying to final charcoal discharging, it only needs a total control cabinet. How about making charcoal briquette from biomass? In general, it only needs two. Besides the carbonization equipment, another control cabinet is for charcoal packaging machine. Charcoal briquette press machine and other auxiliary equipment both have independent electrical controllers.

How many workers does the automatic carbonization equipment employ?

In order to make automatic biochar making system run smoothly, it also needs few workers. Only 1-3 workers. For materials feeding and produced charcoal transport to storage area.

This automatic carbonization equipment system is one of our best-selling charcoal making lines. It can not only make biochar from wood chips, bamboo, straw, rice hull, etc, but also turn coconut shell, palm kernel shell, municipal solid waste, sludge, etc into quality charcoal. Welcome to contact us for your own biochar making plan.

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