Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

  • Output – 8-20Mt
  • Power – 20 kw
  • Voltage – 380V/50HZ
  • Material – Q345R, Q235B
  • Workers – 3 persons
  • Fuel – Fuel oil, natural gas, coal, firewood, electricity
  • Application – waste tires, aluminum plastics, wires, cables, sludge, chemical waste, rubber powder,etc.


Plastic pyrolysis equipment is designed to dispose of plastic waste into oil. Whether you plan to recycling plastic bottles, domestic plastic waste or e-waste plastic parts, it can fully meet your needs. In this process, plastic pyrolysis reactor will create a high temperature and low oxygen environment. Then plastic waste will take place pyrolysis reaction and decompose into oil quickly. And the conversion rate can reach 99%. In addition, we can also offer you professional waste oil and gas recycling and purifying. Which can help you reduce the plastic pyrolysis machine operation cost and prevent environmental pollution.

What is the method of converting plastic to oil?

Converting to oil is an ideal choice for plastic waste recycling. Then what method does the process employ? As the name suggests, the method of converting plastic to oil is pyrolysis. In anaerobic environment, increasing temperature make plastic waste high-molecular-weight compounds break down into smaller molecules – oil vapor. After water cooling, plastic pyrolysis oil vapor will convert to oil. This can be commonly used as fuel in cement plants, brick factories, boiler plants, power plants and other factories.

What is the pyrolysis process of plastic?

The pyrolysis process of plastic is an item you must know to buy a suitable plastic waste recycling machine and set up a plastic oil making plant successfully. In general, it consists of 4 parts: feeding, pyrolysis, cooling and oil sediment.

How to reduce gas waste in the plastic pyrolysis process?

Besides liquid oil, there is also some gas that cannot be condensed and dust, SO2, etc to dispose of. Discharging the gas waste directly will cause serious pollution and is against international environmental regulations. How to dispose of plastic pyrolysis gas waste? Our professional engineers have 2 tips for you.

For one thing, we especially design a gas recycling system for your plastic pyrolysis equipment. So the noncondensable gas can enter into hearth to burn by water sealing tank to submit fuel during pyrolysis heating.

For another, we also can offer you gas waste purifying system to treat dust, SO2, etc gas. So that they can meet the international discharging standard to prevent pollution. The system contains spray tower, cooling tower, etc. The dust removal rate can reach more than 95%.

Top 3 plastic pyrolysis reactor designs to turn plastic waste to oil fuel quickly

As mentioned above, plastic pyrolysis reactor plays an important role in turning plastic waste to oil fuel quickly. Why? There are 3 reasons:

360° Rotating inner stove of oil pyrolysis equipment

360° Rotating inner stove

The plastic pyrolysis furnace has a 360-degree rotating structure, which can make the raw material evenly heated. This is greatly beneficial for speeding up waste plastic to oil fuel.

Plastic pyrolysis equipment manufacturing

Advanced sealing system

Using precision welding technology and one-piece molded cylinder. So our reactor has a better sealing system. Therefore, there is slower heat dissipation. In this way, plastic material will convert to oil gas faster.

Plastic oil equipment rock wool insulation layer

External rock wool insulation layer

Moreover, we especially design the outer layer of rock wool insulation. It can further increase the retention of pyrolysis heat. So, using our plastic pyrolysis reactor can help you make oil from plastic more quickly.

How much does a plastic pyrolysis plant setup cost?

Generally, plastic pyrolysis plant cost is not fixed. Because, besides plastic pyrolysis equipment price, you also need to consider the plastic pyrolysis plant area rent, infrastructure cost, material expense, etc. In addition, they will fluctuate with the capacity, equipment configuration, system layout, etc of your plastic to oil project. In our company, a complete plastic pyrolysis system price is between $6,000-$200,000. If you want to get the precise quote of the plastic to oil system you need, welcome to send your requirements by contact form immediately.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Cost

  • 8-20 MT
  • 3 Workers

What is the oil pyrolysis rate of different plastic waste?

The oil pyrolysis rate is related to not only the heating speed, temperature and cooling degree, but also the properties of the raw materials.

Besides plastic waste, the oil pyrolysis machine is suitable for waste tires, aluminum plastics, wires, cables, sludge, chemical waste, rubber powder,etc. Welcome to contact us to get your own oil pyrolysis project system at any time.

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