Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

  • Output – 300-2000 kg/h
  • Separation Rate – 99%
  • Final Product – Copper, aluminum, iron, battery black powder, etc
  • power – 120-1280 kw
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – e-waste recycling, lithium battery recycling


Lithium battery recycling machine, as the name suggests, is designed to process battery waste to recycling useful substances. In general, it consists of multiple times of lithium battery waste crushing and separating. They adopt different technologies and machines, and can help you dismantle waste batteries into black powder (main battery making materials), copper, aluminum, iron, etc. Here, as a reliable e-waste recycling equipment factory, we can offer you suitable lithium battery recycling machine and customized solutions.

How to properly dispose of lithium batteries?

As mentioned above, the main steps in lithium battery recycling are crushing and separating. And in order to recycling metal and battery materials with a high purity of 99%, 3 times of shredding and screening of lithium battery is necessary. What is the process of the lithium battery recycling system? It is as follows.

  • Shredding: In this process, it will shred lithium batteries into small blocks, about 30-40 mm. This is beneficial for improving the battery waste crushing efficiency

  • Crushing: Then in order to recycle higher purity metal and black powder, it is advisable to further crush small battery blocks into smaller particles. About 10-20 mm.

  • Soft pack lithium battery plastic diaphragm separation: If your material is soft pack battery waste like phone batteries, you can use an air flow separator to screen out plastic diaphragm.

  • Iron hull magnetic material recycling: But, when recycling lithium battery with iron hulls, magnetic separator is a better choice.

  • Grinding again: However, for easier recycling copper, aluminum and black powder, you need to grind the left battery waste to less than 10 mm.

  • Black mass separation: This is a process to sieving out black mass from copper and aluminum. Here, vibration screener is an ideal choice, whether it is linear type or round type.

  • Separating copper and aluminum: According to weight difference to separate copper from aluminum. Its separation rate can reach 99%.

Charcoal making machines commonly use
Charcoal making machines commonly use
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Come to get your own lithium battery disposal plan!

What lithium battery recycling machine is needed?

For easier battery waste disposal, it is essential to buy suitable lithium battery recycling machine. Because of different requirements of every step, you need to use different equipment. For example:

Double shaft shredder for initial battery waste crushing

Double shaft shredder is an ideal choice to crush hard materials like lithium battery waste into small blocks. Because its crushing blades are made of high strength carbon steel. Under the action of multiple grinding teeth moving in opposite directions, it can shred large battery waste into 30-40 mm Battery fragments. In this way, various materials of lithium battery will initially separate from each other.

Hammer crusher for smaller lithium battery particles making

Then for further crushing of lithium battery waste, you can buy our hammer crusher. Whether you want to buy equipment for second or third time of battery waste grinding. Because it can fully meet your requirements of 3-20 mm powder making. In addition, this machine has low energy consumption. And only by replacing new crushing hammers can it work to grind battery waste for many years.

Air flow separator for plastic diaphragm recycling

For those who plan to recycling soft pack lithium batteries from phone and computer, we recommend you add an air flow separator after shredding. It can sort plastic diaphragms from other materials easily. Because of the light weight of plastic material, it will rise under the action of air flow.

Magnetic separator for iron material screening

But when your lithium battery recycling material has iron or other magnetic substances, you can use magnetic separator to sieving it out. As its name suggests, this machine utilizes magnets to absorb magnetic metal materials. You can equip it on belt conveyor directly, no need extra area.

Vibration screen for main lithium battery material separation

Generally, this vibration screen has two screen meshes, three layers. Such as with 30 mesh and 120 mesh screen meshes, this lithium battery recycling machine can divide the mixture into 120 mesh black powder, 30 mesh metals and 120 mesh to 30 mesh mixture. You can return the latter two parts to grind and separate again. So, there is no material waste but a high separation rate of over 99%,

Gravity separator for sieving out copper from aluminum

Finally, gravity separator can sort left metal materials into copper and aluminum easily and quickly. This machine keenly distinguishes the small difference in weight between copper and aluminum and separates them precisely. Therefore, you can recycling copper and aluminum of over 99% purity from lithium battery waste.

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Is there a 1 t/h lithium battery  recycling system?

How much does battery recycling plant machine cost?

The price of lithium battery recycling machine is an item most investors pay attention to. However, this is not fixed because of differences in project design and equipment configuration. For example, 300 kg/h basic lithium battery disposal system only needs $10,000-$50,000 (reference). When it rises to 2000 kg/h with complete sets of lithium battery recycling machines, you may need to prepare $20,000-$100,000 (reference). If you need precise quote for lithium battery waste recycling system you require, welcome to contact us immediately.

Lithium battery disposal cost

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If you have any other requirements for lithium battery recycling and other e-waste disposal solutions, you can contact us at any time. Besides the lithium battery recycling machine, we also can offer you suitable plans for circuit board disposal and solar penal recycling.

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