Straw Charcoal Making Machine

  • Output – 100-3800 kg/h
  • Power – 25-150 kw
  • Voltage – 220v/380v, customized
  • Material – Q245 R steel, 310S stainless steel
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Application – wood, rice hull, straw, coconut shell,palm kernel shell, bamboo, sludge, e-waste, etc.


In the past, straw is usually used to feed animals. But today, you can recycle straw and make straw into biochar. It can turn straw waste into more useful products. Besides carbonizing straw to use as soil conditioner, you also can turn straw into BBQ charcoal, etc. For this, we can provide you with the best solutions and straw charcoal making machine. Welcome to contact us at anytime.

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How to make straw waste into biochar?

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Learn more about straw charcoal making

What is the requirement for feeding straw materials?

Before starting straw charcoal making, you need to adjust the moisture content of raw materials to below 15%. And if you plan to buy a continuous charcoal making line, you also need to crush straw materials into below 20 mm particles. Here, we can offer you pretreatment straw charcoal making machines including crusher and rotary dryer.

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How about other carbonization method materials requirements?

How much biochar can straw charcoal machine make?

In general, our straw charcoal making machine can fully meet your requirements for small scale biochar making and large scale charcoal production. Including 1-20 t/h capacity. Moreover, if the moisture content of straw waste is about 10%, it can make 270kg-290kg biochar from 1 tons of straw materials.

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what is the profit of making charcoal  from straw?

Are there other machines for straw charcoal making?

Of course. Besides carbonization equipment, there also are machines for charcoal powder making and charcoal briquettes pressing from straw for your choice.

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How to make straw charcoal into briquettes?

Besides straw charcoal making machine, if you are interested in coconut shell charcoal production, sawdust charcoal making, wood charcoal manufacturing, there also are the best solutions for you.

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