In order to recycle biomass waste and increase energy sources, more and more businesses invest in making charcoal from biomass. Essentially, the carbonization of biomass is a pyrolysis process. Under the action of high temperature and low oxygen, biomass will decompose into biochar, combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar. In general, it takes a long time. But for commercial charcoal making, we need to shorten the time. Then how to start a fast pyrolysis of biomass? Generally, you can consider it from the following aspects:

Biomass to charcoal making

Breaking biomass materials into smaller particles

The smaller the biomass particle size, the larger the heat contact area, the faster the biomass pyrolysis. In general, when you start the pyrolysis of biomass with continuous carbonization furnace, it is advisable to use biomass material with a granularity of lower than 20 mm. And the 8 mm charcoal material is the best choice. This is also one of reasons why continuous charcoal kiln can finish the pyrolysis of biomass within 30 min. The how to crush biomass quickly? Here, as a professional biochar equipment manufacturer, we can offer you suitable charcoal crusher according to your actual conditions.

Reducing the moisture content to below 15%

In addition, low moisture content also plays an important role in a fast pyrolysis of biomass. Carbonizing biomass with a high water content will take a longer time. So it is necessary to reduce the water content of biomass materials to below 15% before carbonizer processing. Especially when you plan to start making charcoal from coconut shell, palm kernel shell, bamboo, etc. For this, we can offer you charcoal drying machine. It can dry biomass and make it meet your requirements in a short time.

Keep the high temperature during the pyrolysis of biomass

In the process of biomass carbonization, temperature control is essential. Only the temperature inside the charcoal kiln reaches 300℃-600℃, biomass will take place pyrolysis reaction and generate biochar. With dust collecting system and indirect-fired method employment, our biochar making equipment can heat biomass effectively and convert waste gas into available heat source for subsequent pyrolysis of biomass. Then the temperature can be kept at a suitable level for a long time. Correspondingly, we upgrade the material for industrial carbonization furnace to Q245 R steel and 310S stainless steel. They both have high strength and heat-resistance. Therefore, it can withstand the high temperature during the fast pyrolysis of biomass.

Buy automatic biomass charcoal making equipment

For fast pyrolysis of biomass, you also focus on the automation of your charcoal making equipment. For example, our automatic biomass charcoal making system, which adopts PLC control system. After setting working model you need, it can monitor and adjust the temperature in real time without worker operation. Moreover, under the action of PLC control system, other equipment can also work to process biomass charcoal automatically. In this way, only needs 2-3 workers, it can complete the whole process of biomass to biochar.

If you have any other requirements for the charcoal making project, welcome to contact us at any time. As a leading biochar equipment manufacturer, we will try our best to provide you with the best solutions.

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