Whether you want to make charcoal from wood, bamboo, coconut shell or other materials, a suitable carbonization furnace is necessary. In general, there are 3 types of equipment is commonly used in charcoal making. Rotary kiln, vertical carbonization furnace and horizontal charcoal furnace. Among them, rotary kiln is the most popular one with charcoal manufacturers.


For one thing, it has wide applications. Whether you want to prepare charcoal in a small scale or in a large scale, it can fully meet your needs. And besides biomass to biochar, you can also use it to dispose of e-waste, sludge, kitchen waste, industrial waste, etc. For another, because of advanced rotary kiln technology employment, it can help you finish the charcoal making quickly, easily and environmentally.

4 Advanced technologies adopted by charcoal rotary kiln

Continuous carbonization design

Our charcoal rotary kiln adopts continuous carbonization design. This makes the equipment carbonize biomass and discharge finished biochar simultaneously. Compared with other charcoal making machines, it can start new charcoal making without pause. So you can complete the production of charcoal faster. This is also the reason why it is known as continuous carbonization furnace. Within an hour, it can even turn 5 tons of biomass into charcoal.

Charcoal making machines commonly use

Indirect-fired method

In terms of heating method, charcoal rotary kiln usually employ indirect-fired method. In the process of biochar manufacturing, the fire will not contact materials directly. In this way, you can carbonize waste with low energy consumption. Moreover, as the name suggests, the inner stove of charcoal rotary kiln will rotate during carbonization. So the material inside rotary kiln can be heated more evenly and converts into charcoal more quickly.

PLC control system

How many workers does a commercial charcoal making line need? In general, 3-5 workers. However, it only needs 1 worker to operate charcoal rotary kiln to prepare biochar from biomass. The secret of low labor force carbonization is PLC control system. After present required working parameters, our rotary kiln for carbonization can monitor and adjust the temperature in real time. Therefore, you can make better charcoal product.

Charcoal making machines commonly use

Combustible gas converting system

Moreover, we especially design a combustible gas converting system for continuous charcoal rotary kiln. It consists of air fan, cyclone dust collector, spray tower, condenser, cooling tower, etc. You can combine them according to your actual conditions and requirements. This system can not only purify combustible gas generated by carbonization to make it suitable for using as fuel, but also treat the gas waste into the international discharging standard. Therefore, this rotary Kiln technology can help you manufacture charcoal at a lower energy cost and in an environmentally friendly way.

Besides rotary kiln, there are many other machines that you need in quality charcoal production. Such as charcoal dryer, charcoal briquette press machine, charcoal packing equipment, charcoal crusher, etc. Here, BM can provide you with all sets of quality machines for charcoal making. Welcome to contact us to start your charcoal making business as soon as possible.

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