Charcoal Mixer Machine

  • Capacity – 5-8 t/h
  • Power – 11-22 kw
  • Mixing Speed – 35 r/min
  • Length – 3700-6200 mm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Outer Diameter of Mixing Shaft – 420-650 mm
  • Application – Charcoal manufacturing, fertilizer plant, medicine making, food production, etc


In order to make quality commercial charcoal, we usually add some auxiliary materials beside biochar. Such as corn starch as binder for making briquette easier, lime for convenient to know lit degree, etc. Here, charcoal mixer machine is an indispensable equipment. Only by mixing various materials evenly, every kind of material can distribute properly. In this way, you can make quality charcoal pellets. Double shaft mixer is the best-selling charcoal mixing equipment for our past charcoal making customers.

Why is double shafts charcoal mixer machine commonly used in commercial charcoal making?

Our double shaft charcoal mixer has 4 advantages as follows:

Besides mixer equipment, BM can also provide you with many other equipment for quality charcoal manufacturing, such as drying equipment, carbonization furnace, charcoal briquette press machine, etc. Welcome to contact us immediately for your own charcoal making business plan.

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