When you want to start making charcoal from wood and buy suitable charcoal machines, it is necessary to know the wood carbonization process first. But what is the process of wood carbonization? In general, it contains 6 steps:

Wood waste disposal
Commercial charcoal making

Step 1: Wood crushing

For turning wood into biochar quickly, it is advisable to crush wood waste into material with a particle size below 20 mm (8-12 mm is better). Because the smaller the biomass particle size, the larger the heat contact area, the faster the biomass pyrolysis. Here, we can offer you various wood waste crushers for your choice. Such as double shaft shredder, log crusher, mobile disc crusher, etc. Whether you want to use log or wood chips as materials to make charcoal, they can process them into granularity you need.

Charcoal Dryer

Step 2: Wood materials drying

Then, another pretreatment process of quality commercial charcoal production is drying. In order to reduce energy consumption and prepare quality charcoal, you need to ensure that the moisture content of your wood materials is lower than 15%. Here, you can use charcoal rotary drying equipment to help you finish it faster. It can reduce the water content of the wood materials to 10%, even 5% in a short time.

Step 3: Carbonizing wood waste and treating gas waste

Next, the most important step in the wood carbonization process – the pyrolysis of wood. Under the high temperature and low oxygen conditions, the wood waste will decompose into biochar, combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar.

In this process, a suitable charcoal making kiln is necessary. For this, we can provide you with quality industrial carbonization machines for your choice. Including batch type charcoal furnace (hoisting furnace and horizontal carbonization kiln) and continuous rotary kiln. The former is an ideal choice for those who want to make biochar from wood with a low investment. But if you want to finish the pyrolysis of wood faster, we recommend you choose the latter.

After wood carbonization, there is an item you need to pay attention to. It is waste gas (generated combustible gas) treatment, which is essential for pollution prevention. However, with our dust collection system, it is easy to solve. They can purify the combustible gas to make it used as a new heat source.

Step 4:Mixing finished charcoal with auxiliary materials

What can we further do with wood charcoal? If you want to make more profits from wood wood carbonization, you can process wood charcoal into briquettes. In this process, we usually add some auxiliary materials. For example, adding anthracite can prolong lit time. Lime adding makes you know immediately when the charcoal burns completely. In addition, corn starch makes your biochar powder easier to form into pellets. But, to make these materials work fully, you need to mix them with wood charcoal evenly with charcoal mixer.

Charcoal Mixer Machine

Step 5: Charcoal briquette making

Then, you can start making charcoal briquette. If you want to make hookah charcoal or BBQ charcoal, charcoal molding machine is indispensable. Because charcoal briquette is easier to carry, store and use. But how to choose a suitable charcoal briquette press machine? For small scale charcoal pellets making, sawdust rod making equipment is the most economical one. But when you want to improve your charcoal briquette making efficacy, you can choose our shisha briquette press machine. In addition, we can also offer you equipment for wood charcoal pellets manufacturing.

Step 6: Packaging charcoal products to sell

Finally, packaging finished wood charcoal into bags. This is beneficial for easier transport, storage and use. As a considerate biochar equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with bagging equipment for charcoal powder and pellets.

If you have any other requirements for the charcoal making project, welcome to contact us at any time. As a leading biochar equipment manufacturer, we will try our best to provide you with the best solutions.

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