In today’s world, biochar making has a prosperous prospect. On the one hand, it is a good solution for disposing of biomass waste, which plays an important role in agricultural waste pollution reduction. On the other hand, biochar can be used in various aspects of our daily life. Such as high-quality energy, soil improvement, reducing agent, water purification and heavy metal adsorption etc. Then in order to make quality biochar from biomass, suitable biochar production methods choosing is important. For this, we can offer you the best charcoal making plan according to your actual conditions.

What is the most commonly used biochar production method?

Carbonization is also known as dry distillation. It will heat biomass waste or other solid waste in a low oxygen environment. Under the action of high temperature (400-600℃), raw materials will take place a pyrolysis reaction and get biochar. Besides, by the pyrolysis of biomass, you also can acquire a large amount of combustible gas. Only purifying it with dust collectors, you can use it as a heat source for subsequent charcoal production. Then you can finish the production of biochar with low energy consumption. Moreover, there also are byproducts of wood vinegar and tar generation, etc in biochar manufacturing. They also have wide applications in many industries and a high economic value.

Carbonization of biomass principle

Top 3 biomass pyrolysis furnace for your choice

As mentioned above, dry distillation is an ideal method to produce quality biochar. Then what equipment can we buy for the pyrolysis of biomass? From our past customers’ feedback, there are 3 types of biomass pyrolysis furnace that are popular.

Continuous charcoal kiln

Continuous charcoal kiln is the first choice for those who want to start a fast pyrolysis of biomass and a large scale biochar production. Because only needs 15-30 min, it can help you turn biomass into biochar. In addition, it has models with a large capacity. A rotary charcoal kiln can even dispose of 5-6 tons of waste into biochar per hour.

Hoisting Carbonization Furnace for Sale

Vertical hoisting biochar furnace

But for small scale biochar production project, vertical hoisting biochar furnace is a more economical option. Because it has a favourable price. And it is easy to operate to carbonize your biomass waste. After putting biomass rods into the inner stove, only need to transport the inner stove in the middle of fire brick layer by hoisting system, you can start biochar manufacturing.

Horizontal carbonization furnace

Is there a biomass rod dry distillation machine which has an easier materials feeding method? Of course. It is our horizontal carbonization furnace. Its material input port is on the side. So you can feed materials and discharge finished biochar easier. And it is widely used in small scale log wood carbonization making and mechanical charcoal production.

Horizontal charcoal making equipment for sale

Is equipment with dry distillation biochar production method suitable for domestic waste management?

The answer is yes. In general, it can process 3 types of waste materials. Biomass, such as rice hull to biochar, wood carbonization, straw to charcoal, etc. Sludge: industrial sludge, river sludge, etc. Other waste, including e-waste recycling, kitchen waste management, industrial waste disposal, etc.

Besides charcoal furnace, we can also provide you with drying machine, dust collection system, charcoal briquette press equipment and other auxiliary machines. They can help you make quality biochar products more smoothly.

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